This Saturday we are holding the first ever virtual 5K fundraiser for the National At-Home Dad Network, which we’re calling Run Dad Run! You can find out more and register here.

Here are four reasons you and your family should join us for Run Dad Run!

1) It’s Good For Your Body

Maybe this is a no-brainer, but physical activity and exercise is, of course, vital to a healthy life! Regular activity will help reduce your risk of a heart attack, manage weight, lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and the risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers. It also contributes greatly to stronger bones, muscles and joints and lower the risk of osteoporosis.

If you are not being physically active, the idea of doing a 5K may sound ominous, but we’re keeping this as low-pressure as possible. Go at your own pace, where and when you want, and only go as far as you can. The longest journey starts with the smallest step.

2) It’s Good For Your Mind

Parenting can be one of the most stressful things a person can do, but research shows that physical activity doesn’t just help your body physically, but mentally as well. Exercise increases concentrations of norepinephrine, a chemical that can moderate the brain’s response to stress, and also releases endorphins, which create feelings of happiness and euphoria. Many studies have shown that exercise can even alleviate symptoms among the clinically depressed, boost self-esteem and improve positive self-image, help shore up the brain against cognitive decline, and help people with anxiety disorders calm down. Various studies on mice and men have shown that cardiovascular exercise can create new brain cells (aka neurogenesis) that improves overall brain performance, boosts memory and increases the ability to learn new things.

3) It’s Good For Your Family

When parents are physically active, it can have a whole host of benefits for the family. It can establish lifelong positive habits, helping to stem childhood obesity. Exercising with your family gives you the chance to get outside, breathe some fresh air and really get to know the people you spend each and every day with.

Why not join us with the whole family? Register as a family and up to 8 people can get a Run Dad Run medal as our thanks.

4) It’s Good For Your Community

Beyond all of the benefits to your body, mind, and family, as this is a fundraiser participating in RunDadRun also helps the NAHDN to carry out its mission of providing support, education, advocacy and community for at-home dads across the country.

We continue to be an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff, however there are large expenses involved in doing what we do, such as administrative costs and filing fees, web hosting and marketing costs, accounting fees, as well as the numerous expenses related to the planning and execution of the Annual At-Home Dads Convention each year. We love our corporate, brand, and cause sponsors, but this is a chance for our membership to support us as well.

If you feel you or your family has benefited from the work that we do, we’d love for you to give something back. Remember, if you cannot join in the walk/run activity, we also have a Donation option on the Registration form.

Register Now

Join us for the first ever Run Dad Run Virtual 5K Walk/Run, the spring fundraiser for the National At-Home Dad Network. All funds raised go towards the operating costs of the NAHDN, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing support, education and advocacy for fathers who are the primary caregivers of their children.