To my dearest wife,

On September 19 of this year, around 100 men from throughout North America will be gathering together in Denver, CO and I want to be there. It is not for a sporting event. It is not to see which one can drink the most beer (although I hear the beer in Colorado is quite delicious). It is not entirely so they can escape the wives and kids.

It is so they can become better partners, fathers and men.


Now, you may be wondering why you should encourage me, a stay-at-home dad, to attend the 19th Annual At-Home Dads Convention. Arranging child care might be a hassle. The expenses could put a dent in our budget. You will miss me. Terribly.

Here are 9 reasons why all of those sacrifices will be worth it to you:

  1. You will see one of the brightest smiles you have ever seen from me when I return home.
  2. I will become even more proud of the role I am doing for our family.
  3. You will get some quality alone time with our kids.
  4. I will discover the secrets of potty training, getting the kids to sit at the table for an entire meal and how to fold and put away all the laundry (ok, I’m kidding about that last one; no one knows how to do that!)
  5. You will get all the covers for at least 3 nights.
  6. I will meet a lot of other stay-at-home dads who will become my friends which will make me feel less lonely while home with our kids.
  7. Managing the household by yourself will give you a greater appreciation for all the things I do for our family.
  8. I will get over 12 hours of parenting education from the top experts in the country for only $135 ($110 if I register by July 31). That’s less than the cost of one therapy session; something both of us will likely be able to avoid since I will learn how to keep the kids from driving both of us crazy.
  9. I will return refreshed and re-energized to handle the constant chaos of our children.

The lives of stay-at-home dads who have attended these annual conventions have been made immensely better by the experience, the guys at the National At-Home Dad Network tell me. They are a welcoming and inquisitive group who have never met a dad they didn’t share instant camaraderie or a speaker they couldn’t stump with a parenting question.

The experience is like no other and I need to be there! Please support my desire to register and find hotel accommodations here.

I can’t wait to meet these other stay-at-home dads!


Your dearest husband