Yesterday,  I was in a Facebook Chat session with a neighborhood Mom who has a daughter in the same grade as my son when she mentioned she was considering open enrollment for her kids next school year. Of course I  asked why she would do such a thing because our elementary school ranks in the Awesomeness category and I was literally floored by her answer!
She has a son entering Middle School next fall and was concerned about the Bullying he gets now at our elementary school, as well as her second grade daughter is getting; that’s enough about her and her family, I just had to set the stage.
I attended a live Webinar from Safe Routes to School in October about personal safety  thinking it was going to be about stratagies to get children to be safe on bikes or walking and the such, boy was I wrong! This Webinar talked about Bullying and being the involved Dad I am, I continued to listen with the intent of talking to our principal about this and it’s effects at school.
After a month of watching and listening at school (I like to think I am heavily involved with school activities because I am always there for my son) I heard and saw little to nothing to support Bullying as an issue  so I let it slide to the back burner.
After my chat yesterday I Googled “Bullying at School”  and was floored again, that there were about 9,830,000 results returned, so I looked deeper into the problem.  This is a monumental problem in kid’s lives and I urge you to look into this issue when it’s time for your kids to start their educational journey.  I thought it was prettty much a non-issue in my rural neighborhood from my new view from the floor.  Boy was I wrong!

Some Stats from my Web Site

There is also a heart rendering video at the bottom of the linked page about a Bully Story.

  • 23% of elementary students reported being bullied one to three times in the last month bullying statistics say.
  • 32% of parents fear for their child’s physical safety when the child is at school.
  • 39% of parents with a child in grade six or higher are more likely to say they fear for their child’s safety.
  • 22% of parents whose children are in grade five or lower fear for their child’s safety.
  • 86% of students said, “other kids picking on them, making fun of them or bullying them” causes teenagers to turn to lethal violence in the schools.
  • 61% said students shoot others because they have been victims of physical abuse at home.
  • 54% said witnessing physical abuse at home can lead to violence in school.
  • Those who bully and are bullied appear to be at greatest risk of experiencing the following: loneliness; trouble making friends; lack of success in school; and involvement in problem behaviors such as smoking and drinking.
  • One out of every 10 students who drops out of school does so because of repeated bullying.
  • Statistics admit that half of all bullying attacks go unreported, do the math, this is a huge problem!