Leadership Team

Board of Directors

The National At-Home Dad Network is led by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, elected to three-year terms by membership at each Convention during the Annual Members Meeting. Officer positions on the Board (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) are elected by the Board itself.

Interested in serving on the Board, or have questions about what is involved? Please contact our Nomination Committee at nominations@athomedad.org.

Jonathan Heisey-Grove

Board President
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Alexandria, VA – Jonathan has been an at-home dad since 2011 and became an active member with the NAHDN after attending the convention in 2012. He recognized a need for design of materials for the convention and has volunteered his expertise designing for the NAHDN ever since. He has been Cub Master of a local Cub Scout Pack, president of his homeowner’s association, and is currently VP of Fundraising for his kid’s school’s PTA. He is seeking to bring the lives of at-home dads as caregivers to the mainstream, hoping to be an advocate nationally, not just locally.

Keith Nagel

Vice President
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Maple Grove, MNKeith has been an At-Home Dad since 2014. He has two sons, 3 and 5, two cats, and one amazing wife! After moving to the Twin Cities from Seattle 4 years ago, Keith got involved in the new Twin Cities Dads Group and has taken over a leadership role within the group, organizing weekly meetups and most recently representing the group in the local newspaper, the Star Tribune. Before becoming an At-Home Dad, Keith was a Zookeeper for 10 years working with tigers, lions, and bears, to name a few. Keith attended the last 3 HomeDadCon conventions and co-chaired the Minneapolis HomeDadCon Planning Committee and is excited to be in a more involved role.

Quetzal “Chainsaw” Torres

Secretary, Welcoming Committee Chair
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Cary, NC – Quetzal is a father of three, a girl and two boys, and has been an at-home dad since moving to North Carolina 5 years ago. He grew up in New Mexico and has a background in molecular biology and plant genetics from his time in St. Louis, MO. Quetzal and his family love hiking and camping and recently bought a canoe to explore the area lakes. He has been involved with both the local and national organizations for the last 4 years including co-chair of the Welcoming Comittee, a group tasked with bringing more diverse voices to the NAHDN.

Brock Lusch

Convention Co-Chair, Social Media Chair
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Cincinnati, OH – Brock has been an at-home dad since 2017. He has a 3yr old daughter and a 5yr old son and has been married since 2007. Brock founded the Cincinnati Dads Group and recently spoke at HomeDadCon 2018 on “How to Grow a Dad Group.” Brock is an active member in his local church serving as an usher as well as on the Men’s Leadership Team and is co-founder of the Bacon Station Team during the “Flying Pig Marathon” handing out 150+lbs of bacon to runners and spectators. In his spare time he is host of The NOMADad Podcast and enjoys spending time camping with his family.

Matt Strain

Volunteer Coordinator

Durham, NCMatt lives in Durham, NC with his wife, daughter, and son. He enjoys cooking, curing meats, drumming and sleep when he can. He was a chef for 23 years until his daughter was born in 2014 and he became a private chef for the exclusive clientele of his wife, daughter, and son (born in 2017). After two years as an isolated at-home dad, in 2016 Matt attended HomeDadCon and discovered the NAHDN. This organization made a difference in his life when he needed it most.

Ed Lavezzo

Finance Committee

Essex Fells, NJEd has been an at-home dad since 2017 for his two daughters and a son.  He gave up preparing corporate tax returns for library and lunch duties, and has never looked back.  He attended his first conference in Portland a few months after taking over at home.  Ed and his family like to travel and checking out new places.  When not looking after his kids, Ed enjoys getting together with other dads and checking out live music as well.