Anyone can become a member of the National At-Home Dad Network.

Full Voting Membership

Any individual who has been, is, or will be an at-home dad or any individual or organization that promotes fatherhood in general, may become a Full, or Voting Member of The National At-Home Dad Network. The benefits of being a Full Member include:

  • Voting at all general and/or special meetings of the membership including the annual meeting at HomeDadCon, our annual convention for at-home dads
  • Nominating and voting for members of the Board of Directors
  • Being qualified to serve as a member of the Board
  • Access to all meeting minutes and financial reports of The National At-Home Dad Network

How to become a Full Member

1. Attend HomeDadCon, the annual at-home dad convention – Simply register and pay the convention fee to become a Full Member for one year.


2. Donate $10 for the annual dues.