10617265_487071244762143_1981654643_nMy house officially contains a mobile baby, but I hesitate to use the word “contains”. Since her first day of being able to crawl, Emma has been unstoppable and obvious changes had to be made. However, it took us a week or so before we got our first gate (the story of which you can check out here) so we had to get creative. We started with the basics, but each day presented new challenges to our plans. I would like to say at this point that we are both extremely proud of our little girl and how well she has developed so far with crawling and standing and starting to take steps, despite how exhausting it can get for us.

First thing is first: we contain her to the living room. Most of the things in the living room are padded, none of the outlets are reachable, and there are only two exits. Thus began the literal barricading of our doorways. The kitchen was easy enough, as we could shift over the Pack-n-Play closer to the recliner and wedge a box between them to seal it up. The main hallway however, required constant vigilance and the hope that she would not try to climb up the horizontal changing pad/pillow combination. Until we got the gate however, she became an expert pillow climber.

Once the “Gates of Mordor” were in place, we assumed things would get easier. We were fools. Because by this time climbing (into a standing position) had become more extensive, and Emma was finding new things to practice on. ¬†All of a sudden it wasn’t just the couches that were at stake, it is now also the entertainment stand. Had we considered the idea of having children when we bought it, we wouldn’t have gotten one that is the perfect size for a child to learn standing and reaching techniques. Especially such a stand that has low shelves which hold our Blu-Ray and PS3, for which she has quickly learned how to turn off. Funny then, that our issue with another piece of furniture is how tall it is.

I love this particular end table, as it is a bit old. It’s made out of strong beautiful wood, and the leaves that fold up on either end are supported by spring-loaded STEEL brackets, so you never have to worry about it collapsing. These brackets are also helpful when my daughter decides to do pull-ups on the above-mentioned leaves, since it is the same height as the entertainment stand. So what concern of its tallness am I talking about? Well being that its an old-fashioned end table, it utilizes a “pillar style” base which gives Emma plenty of room to crawl underneath and constantly knock her head on the sturdy underside, if not on the steel brackets themselves.

It’s a constant chase it seems, unless we just resort in our desperation to sticking her in the Pack-n-Play or her saucer. Being that we don’t want to hinder her growth though, we try not to do that as much as possible. I’ve also started to become comfortable with a fact some parents seem to overlook with their newly mobile little one……she’s going to be RUNNING in about three months. Right now she crawls everywhere, but also stands quite a bit and has been moving from couch to couch. She’s getting the hang of those little legs and there will be no stopping her. She’s gaining her balance and learning about the whole “gravity” thing (albeit via a few unfortunate bruises).

By the time she is 1 year she’ll be going for walks around the house, and my the places she will go. Into the kitchen, and out to the deck. Down to the washroom, then back up the steps. Oh the places she will go!

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