Recently, The Christian Science Monitor posted an article entitled America’s Four Parenting Cultures: Which one is yours?  The article describes four parenting styles that Modern Parenting Blogger, Stephanie Hanes believes most families fit into one of these categories.  The four categories include :

1) The Faithful  2) The Engaged Progressives  3) The Detached  4) The American Dreamers

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Forget Tiger Moms and Bringing up Bébé. Forget even the attachment parenting versus cry-it-out debate. To really understand childrearing in the United States, researchers with the University of Virginia say, take a look at the country’s “Four Family Cultures.” These different groups, which scholars detailed as part of the Culture of American Families Project (an initiative of the university’s Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture) are more than parenting styles. They are moral ecosystems; whole belief structures that shape parents’ aspirations for their children and influence what parents teach as good and bad.

These “Four Family Cultures” are quite different from one another. While 96 percent of American parents say a “strong moral character” is very important, if not essential, to their children’s future, researchers found that parents are also tremendously divided in their concepts of “family values.”

So where do you fit in?

–  Stephanie Hanes, Modern Parenthood Blogger

The article gives a description of each and gives the demographics that go with each parenting style.  You can view the article HERE

Do you agree with their findings?  Do you think that all families fit into one of these categories?