We’re excited to announce that the Board has unanimously voted that our 2017 At-Home Dads Convention will take place in… Portland, Oregon!

Thank you for all of your valuable survey feedback about potential locations for the 2017 At-Home Dads Convention. This week the NAHDN Board of Directors convened to make the decision on the location, based heavily on member feedback, as well many other factors such as the presence of an active local group, average travel costs, geographic location compared with past conventions, and more.

We’re thrilled to be bringing the Convention back to the west coast for only the second time in its 20+ year history, giving many dads their first chance to attend a convention nearer them. Famous for it’s food carts, donuts, breweries, and embracing of modern families, Portland is a city that has a lot to offer a convention like ours. It was the top choice of members in our survey, and we are confident that you will all have a great time.

If you live in or near Portland, we’d love to have you get in early as a part of a Convention Planning Committee, so please reach out and let us know you’re interested by emailing convention@athomedad.org.

Raleigh-Durham 2016 is Coming Too!

Of course, 2017 is still a long way away, and next fall we are stoked to be returning to Raleigh-Durham in the fall of 2016, for our second year in North Carolina. The Convention Planning Committee in Raleigh is hard at work, and we’re very close to confirming dates, venue, and hotel, so look for registration to open soon!

In the meantime you can find out more about the 21st Annual At-Home Dads Convention at ahdcon.com.