While making dinner for my boy/girl twins April 12, 2012, I was listening to Brian Williams as he was doing the Nightly News on NBC.  All of a sudden I hear a story about the presidential campaign that just really chapped my hide.

The story was about Hilary Rosen who is a Lobbyist and Democratic Pundit who has been around the White House recently for a State Dinner, who happen to say something that I found offensive as well.  Ms. Rosen was attempting to apparently show that Mitt Romney, the Republican Presidential Candidate front runner, is not completely in touch with the women in America.  Ms. Rosen was using the generalization that Mr. Romney’s wife Ann had, “Never Worked A Day In Her Life.”  Wow, harsh words from someone who is an apparent strong Democratic Strategist in regards to making a point about a candidate being out of touch.  I just found the remark to be totally insensitive to women in general and as the story continued to explain, Ann Romney was or still is an At Home Mom.  Talk about not being in touch with reality, Ms. Rosen is way off base in her comments.  Ms. Rosen’s half hearted attempt at apologizing for her comment did nothing to get rid of the issue that Ms. Rosen brought back to the fore front in regards to women in the work place or being at home with their children.  The even more disturbing thing to me from using Google to find out more about Ms. Rosen, is that she is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Activist as well.  Which would lead people to hopefully believe that Ms. Rosen would be more aware of all of the various issues out there that are political hot buttons that you do not want to push to start another problem.

So why do I get so offended or upset about this comment?  It is because I am an At Home Dad and I know that I have a job being the best At Home Parent I am able to be without someone else setting the Nation back with an apparent flippant comment.  Prior to having children I did work for a living to support myself initially then as part of the married couple that I became when my wife and I got together.  I know that women have been usually the At Home Parent far longer than men however, why should At Home Parents be all categorized as “Not Having Worked” when each and every one of the At Home Parent community does work every day more than just an 8:00 am to 5:00 pm job or career?

Being an At Home Parent is a tough and very rewarding job as you are able to experience everything your children do every day as they grow and you are able to help mold plus shape the next generation to be the best that they are able to be every day.  To make the statement that Ms. Rosen did only hurt her standings within the Democratic Party and created a fire storm of criticism directed at her for setting back women to a degree and with being an At Home Parent, helped to show how out of touch the Nation is in regards to this issue.  I just hope that as time continues to go that people will get the message and understanding that At Home Parents do work every day and more than just going to a job outside the home for eight or nine hours in their day.  All that each and every one of us is able to do is work to continue to get the message out that At Home Parents do work and have a very important job and let the others who disagree in that At Home Parents do not work, invite them to spend a day with us in our shoes so that they are able to see how much work we do every day in raising our children.  If others are able to lose their jobs for making mistakes with the comments they say, then Hilary Rosen should lose her job as well. Unfortunately I do not think Ms. Rosen will lose her job nor be punished for making terrible generalizations about people. Ms. Rosen will only have to deal with the backlash of criticism about her comments and nothing more.  I just could not let it go without saying something about it myself to let others know that there is still a huge mountain to climb in being an At Home Parent whether your an At Home Mom or an At Home Dad.