Jim Higley loved collecting bobbleheads when he was a kid. He got a tickle in his stomach every time one of the spring-loaded smiling heads of his bobbleheads would jiggle. He spent more time than he cares to admit trying to get the head to bob for as long as possible.

When Jim became an adult, he acted much like these bobbleheads; smiling and bobbing along in a near constant state of motion until the hand of cancer slammed his life down and broke the spring of his bobblehead life.

In his book, “Bobblehead Dad: 25 Life Lessons I Forgot I Knew” now available at our Amazon Store, Jim explains how cancer saved his life by giving him time to reflect on his life and choose to live by lessons he learned growing up in Fremont, NE that he had long since forgotten while bobbing along through the motions of life but not actually living life at all.

Too many of us are “Bobbleheads” and there can never been enough reminders to us how and why we should live more in the moment, love our family and friends and be the person we want to be instead of the person everyone expects us to be. Jim does this and more in “Bobblehead Dad.”

At 43, Jim was humming along with a busy life he thought wasn’t too bad. Sure, he had just gone through a divorce but his career was exceptional, he had three awesome kids and did a lot of volunteer work. He had no idea how wrong he was until the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

At first, as with everything in his life, Jim tackled the problem head-on. And alone. He resisted help and tried to lead his life just as he had before. But cancer does a pretty good job of changing a person whether he wants to be changed or not. He found that he had to accept the help of others: family, friends and even complete strangers. He discovered that you have to learn how to take to truly know how to give of yourself to others. By the end of his recovery, cancer no longer was a burden but a life-changing gift.

Because of cancer, Jim had the time to relearn the lessons of his childhood and rethink his bobblehead life. He decided to re-priortize his life, put his head securely on his shoulders to live in the moment instead of bobble along.

Reading his book and learning these life lessons have reminded me who and what is truly important in my life. Thanks to Jim I plan to keep a spring in my step, not in my neck.


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