As at-home dads, we are called, “Mr. Mom,” considered lazy because we don’t have jobs and often are thought of as less than manly.

And most of us know this is total crap.

There are thousands of at-home dad bloggers out there complaining about this time or that time when they were discriminated against by others in society for their choice to stay home. Discussion forums like are filled with lamentations about the treatment at-home dads receive from their church, kid’s school and even their own family.

But what are most of these at-home dads doing about it?

Absolutely nothing.

I felt the same pain every other at-home dad has felt when being ignored or rejected by other moms at a playgroup or by a teacher at my kids’ school. I complained about it on my blog and on discussion forums.

Then I found Daddyshome, Inc. – The National At-Home Dad Network.

Here was a group of at-home dads trying to do something about the perception society has about at-home dads. Here was an organization DEDICATED to helping at-home dads connect with each other through their local groups and an annual convention while also advocating for them on discussion forums, this blog and a website.

I decided that I needed to stop complaining and start doing something. I asked to be a part of the solution, joined Daddyshome and now serve as its Vice-President.

The reason I did was that I understood that society will not change it’s perception of us if we are a bunch of individuals blogging or otherwise complaining in virtual anonymity about our troubles. Society will only change when we unite together as a one large and powerful organization that demands to be heard.

So stand up! Attend the 15th Annual At-Home Dad’s Convention in Omaha on Oct. 2; follow Daddyshome on Twitter; become a fan on Facebook; start a local at-home dad’s group or join one in your area; ask me or any of our other board members how you can become involved.

Change will happen, my brothers, but ONLY if you stand up with other at-home dads to provide an awesome support network and fight for the recognition and acceptance we at-home dads deserve.