Today, I am thrilled to announce that, the most popular forum for stay-at-home dads on the web, has been donated to Daddyshome, Inc., The National At-Home Dad Network.

This is a monumental day in the history of the at-home dad community.

But it all started back in 2005.

The Annual At-Home Dad’s Convention had become THE event for at-home dads to get together for 10 years in Chicago, but at the end of that 10th Convention, it was announced that the host, Oakton Community College, did not have an interest in continuing the Convention.

Several dads who were there including Andy Ferguson, Phil Andrew, Dayv Glusing and Dave Lutz did not want to see this annual event end. They, together with Mike Stilwell of the newly formed Daddyshome, Inc, worked hard to continue the Convention first in Kansas City, then in Sacramento and Omaha.

Meanwhile, Mike Biewenga, an at-home dad from Chicago, decided to start up a new forum for at-home dads with the purpose of providing a place on the web for at-home dads to connect and share their experiences. At the 11th Annual At-Home Dad’s Convention in Kansas City, Biewenga announced his creation of the site and the attendees immediately began to use it as the place on the web to keep in contact with their new found friends.

Over the last four and a half years, has grown into one of the most visited sites for information, advice and camaraderie for at-home dads with over 20,000 visitors a month.

Late last year, however, Biewenga began to realize that his growing software company, Digital Altitudes, and the ever-present needs of his family were making it difficult for him to find the time to spend on the increasing demands of “I think this site has started to grow up, and it now needs more than I can provide by myself,” Biewenga explained in a message to users on Thursday. “It’s become clear to me that the best thing for is to send it out into the world and let it move on to the next stage in its life.”

Because of the way the Convention and Daddyshome embraced from the start and the fact that Daddyshome had now grown into a strong, sustainable non-profit corporation since its humble beginnings in 2003, Biewenga felt that donating to Daddyshome was the best thing for the site and the at-home dad community as a whole.

“They’re a committed, organized, and intelligent group of all-around good guys,” Biewenga explained. “Having a larger group of people involved (with) the site will bring good things and a permanent home for the site.”

We at Daddyshome are excited to bring into our family. We hope to continue the great work Mike has done and bring even more at-home dads together.

But that cannot not happen without you! You need to continue to add to the discussions on and keep the spirit of community alive as Biewenga believed could happen when he started the site over four years ago.

Over the next several months, will evolve and eventually include not only the forum but also all the content from as well as the Annual At-Home Dad’s Convention. We welcome your input and will do whatever we can to make even better.

As we embark on this next chapter for Daddyshome, I hope you will join me in thanking Mike Biewenga for helping to bringing so many at-home dads together with his site over the last four and a half years and for his extraordinary generosity in donating to Daddyshome.

A great many of us would be glum, lonely and isolated dads if it weren’t for Mike and