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Losing a Loved One

by Al Watts

Originally posted on Tears stained the lenses of my 8-year-old’s red-rimmed glasses. “I don’t want him to go away!” she sobbed. She buried her face into my chest. “I know,” I said. Love is a strange thing. We often don’t understand exactly how it happens. But we know when it does, especially when we […]

“Home, Away” is a Homerun

by Al Watts

Our 3-year old son has recently become obsessed with baseball. It actually started with him being forced to watch music videos of High School Musical 2 that his older sisters played over and over and over again. One of them, “I Don’t Dance” features a baseball game in the video (frankly the song should be […]

At-Home Dads, it’s Time to Stand Up!

by Al Watts

As at-home dads, we are called, “Mr. Mom,” considered lazy because we don’t have jobs and often are thought of as less than manly. And most of us know this is total crap. There are thousands of at-home dad bloggers out there complaining about this time or that time when they were discriminated against by […]

Missed Communication

by Al Watts

One of the toughest things about being a parent, for me, is the loss of time with my wife. We agreed over 15 years ago to spend our entire lives together… and then we had kids. Now we are lucky to be able to speak to each other for five minutes. I’m not sure if […]

Get out of the pantry

by Al Watts

Many at-home dads are like Miss Havisham from Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations:” we are reclusive and rarely venture outside of our homes. We try to do everything ourselves and we don’t think we need any help. The idea of going to a playgroup or dad’s night out with other “loser at-home dads” seems ridiculous. Busting […]


by Al Watts

It’s been nearly 2 years since I had the ol’ snip-snip or, as my doctor preferred to call it, my vasectomy. You won’t find many guys willing to talk about their experience. It’s a bit like peaking over the urinal. But, I believe men everywhere need to know what to expect. I believe this story […]

How an at-home dad saved my life

by Al Watts

In our lives there are many turning points. The significance of these events are not always seen at the time, but when we reflect on our lives, these can be seen as truly life-altering. One such moment for me was when I met Gary McVey. In January of 2004 I was beginning my second year […]

Review of “The Evolution of Dad”

by Al Watts

Last week I was given a unique opportunity to view an advanced screening of the documentary, “The Evolution of Dad,” and more than once I had to wipe a tear from my eye. It made me think about the kind of dad my dad was and the kind of dad I am to my kids. […]

4 Kids and 7 Years Ago………

by Al Watts

4 kids and 7 years ago I became an at-home dad and I never could have imagined the way my life is today back then. 4 kids and 7 years ago I never thought I would have 4 kids 7 years later. 4 kids and 7 years ago I was called “Mr. Mom” for the […]