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I Am Not a Babysitter

by Shannon Carpenter

“Aww, look at Dad!  I guess Dad is babysitting today!” How many times have you heard that comment?  Sometimes its at the grocery store, sometimes it’s at a play gym.  And sometimes it may be from our own relatives.  It happens and I get it a lot. It makes me cringe and it should make […]

Only 3 Degrees, Part 2 of Daddyshome interview

by Shannon Carpenter

Below is the link to the continuation of the interview given by Daddyshome members in the month of October.  It’s helpful when we get positive stories out there concerning the stay at home dad to show that we are not unemployed bums and do in fact take very good care of our kids.  There is […]

2011 At Home Dad’s Convention

by Shannon Carpenter

A few pics from the Daddyshome At Home Dad Convention.  We had great attendence this year and next year’s should ccontinue to grow.  If you have some pictures from the convention that you would like to add to the site, email them to me at Zounka (at) hotmail (dot) com and we’ll get them in […]

Only 3 Degrees, Blog Talk Radio

by Shannon Carpenter

Recently some of your very own Daddyshome members were interviewed by Mrs. Denai Downs of the blog talk radio show Only 3 Degrees.   This seems a great way to follow up with the success of the most recent convention held in Washington D.C. this past weekend. This is part 1 of a three part […]


by Shannon Carpenter

It seems that the tide in the perception of the stay at home dad might be slowly turning.  So often we find negitive articles about stay at home dads or the idea of becoming a stay at home dad that it becomes just depressing to read them.  We are called lazy, antisocial bums that are […]


by Shannon Carpenter

It’s the bottom of the fifth.  The bases are loaded thanks to a well placed single and a couple of walks.  One of our wives stands on second waiting for a good outfield hit, maybe something in the gap that could drive her home.  Some of our kids are there to watch us play in […]


by Shannon Carpenter

It has been implied that the life of a stay at home day is not very traditional.  That we have bucked the society norms and shunned our responsibility.  It hasn’t been so much as implied as out right said.  Man do I love being judged. But today I bring a different theory to the table. […]

What Do You Do For A Living?

by Shannon Carpenter

What do you do for a living?  Several years ago, this question was easy.  I was a stunt car driver and a professional street fighter on the weekends. I wasn’t but it sounds way more interesting than social worker.  Besides, when you are asked that question, it’s like an open invitation to create an fictional […]

SAHD, Day 1

by Shannon Carpenter

So you’ve decided to become a stay at home dad!  Congratulations on your new career choice.  You’ve told the old boss good luck, you’ve discussed things with your wife, and you have totally realized that from this point on you will never be able to poop in private again.  Good for you. You get up […]