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When is a Lie, a LIE?

by Bruce Sallan

Who hasn’t heard or used the expression, “Oh, it’s just a white lie?” I sure have. Why do we mitigate the lie we’ve done? Are there good and bad lies? Is it wise to lie sometimes? The answer is, “Yes.” Like so much in life, there’s a grey area and that is what I’d like […]


by Bruce Sallan

Where and when did it seem that everyone felt entitled? Entitled to an education, happiness, college, a home, every new tech toy, and a new car now and then, etc. I know the answer, as it was an evolution and change in attitude that began in the sixties, in my opinion. Some might say it […]

Why Men Need Other Men

by Bruce Sallan

As a dad advocate that means I’m also a man advocate. Years of doing “men’s work” have taught me much, but top of the list is the fact that men need other men in their lives. A great way to have men in your life is to be part of a men’s group. There are […]

Habits, Routines and Rituals

by Bruce Sallan

What are you fondest memories from your childhood? I suspect they are things that your family did that were ritualistic in nature. They may also have been the better family vacations. Family rituals are touchstones in your life and the lives of your children. Just as habits and routines become comforting, so do the rituals […]

My Little Boy Is Going To College

by Bruce Sallan

A Dad’s Point-of-View, by Bruce Sallan  My Little Boy is Going to College I hate clichés. I love clichés. I just find it weird when I feel as if my whole life is one big cliché! Being a parent means you will undoubtedly experience any number of them. Here’s an arbitrary list of parenting clichés. […]