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Tour Of Duty

by Charles Wasleski

My Tour of Duty is over. I enlisted at the age of 28. And there were a lot of struggles along the way. Being woken up at odd hours of the day and night.  Not much sleep early on. You take naps when you can.  Sneak in a few minutes here and there. I learned […]

Mr. Chips Goes To Graduation

by Charles Wasleski

Graduation.  A happy time. The students:  Walk in quietly to the music playing.  Parade around in their good clothes. See their parents and other family members in the audience. Cheering them on. Faces beaming. They are so proud of themselves.   Parents:  We sit and watch as our child, along with many others is passing […]

The Trouble With Toilet

by Charles Wasleski

I went into the toilet training of my second child much like the first.  Calmly. I did what I thought were the same things.  I encouraged, but didn’t push. I bribed, but I didn’t threaten.  I asked, but I didn’t beg. Well, now I am begging. PLEASE!!!!!  PLEASE!!!  PLEASE!!! Take a poop in the toilet!!!! A dump […]

Curbing the Urge.

by Charles Wasleski

How do you curb an urge to eat chocolate?  Don’t buy it. How do you curb the urge to go into the store you love?  Don’t go near it. How do you curb the urge to tell the waiter that the red in your steak means it’s not well done like you asked for, and […]

A Look Inside

by Charles Wasleski

I seem to keep things to myself. I keep a lot of emotion locked up inside.  I don’t let a lot of people in and when I do, I cling to them so they will not go.  I know I have some emotional problems that I have to deal with daily. I know that there […]

TV and Kids: Against Parent Recommendations

by Charles Wasleski

It has been stated in numerous tests, reports, polls, and surveys that too much T.V. can negatively affect a child’s development. Children under 18 months old should not watch T.V.  But here’s a shelf full of Baby Einstein videos. Children under 3yrs old should only watch only a half hour of T.V. a day.  Then why […]

Evolution of Daddy’s Driving

by Charles Wasleski

I know how it is when you are young and full of energy. Full of vim and vigor. Bursting at the seams. Just waiting to get out there.  Show off for your friends.  Impress the girls.  Scare your parents. You just got your drivers license. You get in the car.  Fasten your seat belt. Wave […]

Time Share Wife

by Charles Wasleski

I have a timeshare wife No, this does not mean I am on the wrong side of a Big Loveepisode. It just means that I have to share my wife with the other parts of her life. It wasn’t all at one.  This came on very gradually. After we got married, I just had to share […]

Where Are They Now.

by Charles Wasleski

We all have them. Some of us are in denial. No, it doesn’t matter that you friended them on Facebook. Or they sent you a message on MYSPACE. They are gone.  Lost to time and relative space. These are the friends that you grew up with. You spent the night at their house. You tormented […]