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20 Things Only A Dad Can Do

by Carl Wilke

  Recently a mom posted a list of 15 Things Only A Mom Can Do  and I read it, fascinated to learn that I’ve been living a lie as a Stay At Home Dad for the last 13+ years. According to her blog, I’m actually a mom. Who knew? But, thanks to her entertaining and enlightening post, I […]

The Brotherhood of the NAHDN Convention

by Carl Wilke

I’m currently in Denver, Colorado, attending the 19th annual convention of theNational At-Home Dad Network. This is my second convention, having attended my first one last year, also in Denver. While my experience last year was incredible in and of itself, attending this year as a returning member has taken it to another level. I looked […]

Bad Dad : Seeking Forgiveness

by Carl Wilke

  Saturday started out on the right foot. I woke up and went to the YMCA to hit the elliptical machine for a 45 minute workout while my wife fed breakfast to our youngest children. Upon my return home I was back in charge of them so she could shower. Without going into the details, […]