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Summer Memories

by Jonathan Long

How did that beach trip go for you this summer? I hope it went well, or better than mine went, anyway. Of course, I exaggerate. It wasn’t that bad. Cesare Pavese is famous for coining the phrase, “we do not remember days. We remember moments.” This is very true, and is going to be true […]

Who’s your favorite kid?

by Jonathan Long

So, which one of your kids is your favorite? AH HA!!! YOU ANSWERED ME, DIDN’T YOU, YOU HORRIBLE PARENT YOU!!!! Yeah, you have a favorite.  Go ahead.  Confess it.  Nobody here is going to judge you, because they do too. It’s hard not to.  You played baseball in high school and excelled in chemistry.  You […]

Father’s Day

by Jonathan Long

What does Father’s Day mean to you? A new tie? A day off? This year it meant a new pair of bedroom slippers to me—but not just any old bedroom slippers, ARMADILLO bedroom slippers. It goes back several years. I was asked in high school to pick out a totem animal. While everyone else was […]

Blue Lantern

by Jonathan Long

I have a new Hero, and he wears the seal of the Blue Lanterns. But I’m being rude… let me introduce myself. My name is Jonathan, and I’m a Stay at Home Dad. (I feel like I’m at an A.A. meeting waiting for “Hi Jonathan” from the group.) For my first entry here on this […]