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How The LEGO Movie Stimulated My Intellect While Gut Punching Me Emotionally

by Lorne Jaffe

THIS BLOG CONTAINS SPOILERS SO SEE THE LEGO MOVIE ALREADY! I wasn’t prepared. Not at all. I didn’t expect to feel like The LEGO Movie spoke to me directly while offering biting social satire to tickle my media studies background. I sure wasn’t prepared for that incredibly emotional twist at the end that made my childhood flash a bit before […]

O The Places My Mind Goes – Part 1

by Lorne Jaffe

I need to write this in two parts. The night before and the following day. I can’t do both at once. Too difficult. Two nights ago I awake from a nightmare sometime after 3 am. No idea what it was about, but it doesn’t matter. I’d been anxious all day about my blog. I hadn’t […]