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Coming Home

by TwiceTheFun

We drove route 202 N from Pennsylvania to New Jersey like salmon swimming upstream to return to their place of birth.  We had both gone as far as we could from home after finishing high school, attending college in North Carolina and then even moving abroad to work for two years in Japan before finally […]

Behind the Scenes Bafoon

by TwiceTheFun

I think my favorite part of being a Dad is not having to be in any pictures any more. Don’t get me wrong, the kids are great and cute and it is amazing watching them grow every day, but it is such a relief to not have to be in front of that camera anymore. […]

Ghost of Parenting Future

by TwiceTheFun

We danced with the ghost of parenthood future today and she was wild! She was loud, she was rambunctious and she giggled all afternoon long. my wife and I looked into the eyes of the dragon that is our parenting future and took the fury of its screams of fire right in the face. What […]