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Empty Nest

by RFarrell

Are men supposed to have the empty-nest syndrome? I’m starting to think that we are. The first day of my boys going back to school, I was fairly well put together, until I got home. My wife was gone at work, my step-son was nowhere to be found, and I was all alone in the […]

Traveling With Children

by RFarrell

By the time the plane touched down we were all exhausted. The screaming was non-stop, piercing, and maddening. I had a strange calm about the entire ordeal though. It was a “been there, done that,” type of feeling. To add to this young mother’s stress level there was a bit of turbulence on this particular […]

The Smells of Parenthood

by RFarrell

Have you ever taken a moment to step back and ponder the smells of parenthood? The feeling of dread when you watch your children eat certain foods, knowing you’re going to have to clean that up later. I have. Have you ever been sitting in the car on a hot, summer day and all of […]

Things My Children Have Destroyed

by RFarrell

When I started this blog today I wanted to come up with some cute, quippy-type of post. But then I decided to let real life just write this for itself, for it’s true, truth is stranger than fiction. Things my children have destroyed: When I got married I had nice things in my house. Nothing […]

Proud Papa and Spoiled “brats”

by RFarrell

“Is that all there is?” The dreaded statement heard from children all over the country around the early afternoon of Christmas day. This can become a tense situation that makes parents feel inadequate and a bit distressed. I say distressed because, when hearing their child say this, most parents immediately wonder why it is that […]

20 Questions, 5 Year Old Style

by RFarrell

“Dad, what is metal made out of?” “Dad, where do babies come from.” “Hey Dad, why is water wet?” These are just a few of the questions being offered up by my wonderful, 5-year old as of late. There are so many special moments that I, as a father, don’t ever want to forget as […]

Crying wolf, and the middle finger

by RFarrell

My 3rd grader has had to deal with a bunch of new things in the past three years of elementary school.  His innocence is slowly beginning to fade as a result.  One of the prime issues he’s having lately is that of lying.  He could lie to the Pope if needed.  This is a problem. […]