dave-taylor-and-kidsEach of us has a different setup for our lives. Some of us are home 24×7, taking care of the kids while our spouse or partner is in the workforce. Others of us lead more of a dual life, sometimes being the at-home dad and other times being the entrepreneur or worker, whether it’s barely any time, part time or more.

I’m one of the rather large rank of divorced dads who have my kids on a rotating schedule. What makes my situation a bit different is that I have them more than half the time, and given that my high-school age daughter is now involved in a home school situation, when I say I have my kids, I really mean that they’re with me like white on rice for three of my five “work days”, effectively making me a part-time worker and just about full-time dad. No complaints, we scrape by and I get tons of time with them, which is delightful (mostly).

Still, however the two work together, odds are good that you aren’t 100% completely and exclusively an at-home dad and never go near anything that could earn a buck. Heck, if you’re reviewing products and writing about it on your dad blog — as I do on my GoFatherhood site — you’re facing that great challenge, balancing work and home life or “home” and “at home”.

I do it by time shifting: When I don’t have my kids, I work up a storm, writing, calling clients, attending meetups, etc on those precious two days where the kids are with their Mom. When they’re with me, however, I focus on them and work “between” the times we’re together (so I get up early and squeeze in an hour or so, then stay up late and work at night too). It’s a bit tiring, but it’s worth it.

How about you? Are you one of those few dads who have stepped away from the work world entirely, even fractionally, or are you one of us dads who has to find the balance, and if the latter, what’s your strategy?