OK, I won’t go there and talk about us being “That Dad” anymore because it will be the same old song and dance.

That Dad

That Dad

A dad who is the oddity in parenting circles (moms world) and how freaky it is, I won’t rehash what has already been hashed out.

What I will hash out on is being labeled as “That Dad” in your own local youth sports arena, it’s something/somewhere/someone you don’t want to do/go/be.

Being “That Dad” is not a good thing and I will catch it on my HDSC card before the season is over, I guaran damn tee it.  I have seen it rear it’s ugly head while I am putting our game on hi def and pan over to that parent and zoom in hoping to catch an epic parenting fail, they realized so far what I’m doing to catch it digitally and they have backed off and shut up , so far.  My camera has not been broken and I have not been assaulted, yet, but I will get it daddy-yo so watch it please, not for me but for our kiddos sake.

Being “That Dad” at your son or daughters football game when the person lets the profanity’s flow at the top of his lungs toward the officials or our team/parents, yes “That Dad”… and I bet you have seen a couple, not a good thing is it?

So far none of the the assaults have been directed at our boys just our coaching staff, either their own players or our parents using verbal choices such as “Joey get over here now!  Don’t hit like such as a girl” o“F**k you” or “are you f**cking crazy”  or “who do you think you are coach, Joe F**cking Paterno?” and worse types of slanders which have been tossed back I am sorry to say at times, by parents on our side.

I won’t get anymore into it because I know you know what I am talking about!  So in closing I present this on topic video:

Don’t be “That Dad”!