My name is Mike and I am a Domestic Engineer.

My name is Mike and I am an AtHomeDad.

My name is Mike and I am a self employed working for peanuts, or Cracker Jacks or whatever but you get the idea.

So what exactly is a Domestic Engineer?

In my life, a Domestic Engineer is a combination of the first three sentences of this post. As a Domestic Engineer I am responsible for the facilities around the house, to make sure they are all properly maintained  and running efficiently so our glorious weather pattern of late does not interrupt our daily lives.  Speaking of that glorious weather pattern my back is sore from all the removal of the flakeage thats been falling and accumulating  in our subzero degree atmosphere, maybe I should’ve been stretching before that said snow removal, but that is neither here or now, my back is still sore.  Another realm of being aDomestic Engineer is always being there for my son, in school while volunteering in the classroom  or outside the classroom when shuttling him an hour and and half so he can master the art of the turn on ski’s this year so he can take up snowboarding next year at Eldora Mountain Resort.  I am always there for him because my life is no longer about me anymore,  and worth repeating, it’s no longer about me anymore. I have a real live human being in the form of a mini me to form and shape so he can make a grand worldly contribution by being involved with All Pro Dad, Cub Scouts , administering a Safe Routes to School program at school and 2nd classroom volunteer.

What that worldly contribution is remains to be seen and hopefully its not just a pile staink left behind a tree while camping; I prefer to think he will be a competitor on the FIS World Cup,  crafting a new form of miraculous stem cell medicine to save the world in a time of dire need, or maybe he will follow in my footsteps and be an AtHomeDad charged with the greatest responsibility in thew world, crafting his son to change the world!  Whatever it turns out to be, I’ll be glowing with pride!

Which brings me to number 3 in my list above, I am trying to be self employed while working from home at so I can follow through with the first two points of being always being there for my son and keeping the house running efficiently so we can be all we can be.

So in wrapping this up, being a Stay at Home Dad is a whole lot more than just doing diapers and dishes non-stop, it’s a way of lives plural, what you put into it isn’t even close to what you will eventually get out of it.

The possibilities are endless!