This year marks our 20th Annual At-Home Dads Convention. It is quite an achievement and one worth celebrating in a big way.

All of our sponsors this year have risen to the challenge to provide our dads with the best experience ever in our 20 years and two-time sponsor Britax is certainly no exception.

#BritaxSafety Dad’s Lounge

Some of you may remember meeting Sarah Tilton, Britax Child Passenger Safety Advocate, from our Convention in Denver in 2014. Sarah educated us on everything from transporting our newborns during their first ride home to understanding what to look for when transitioning your children into booster seats. We’re lucky to have her back this year and extra lucky, because she’s bringing along two seasoned certified technicians as well as plenty of car seats and two vehicle demo seats for you to practice your installations on in the #BritaxSafety Dad’s Lounge.

Throughout Saturday (9/26) during the Convention, you will have the opportunity to get hands-on child passenger safety training. Drop by anytime between 8am-5pm in the beautiful outdoor courtyard just off the main Venture Hall of the Marble Kids Museum to meet with the Britax team and test your skills. Also, make sure you bring your car seat safety questions because Sarah and her team can answer just about any car seat question you can imagine. Their knowledge and recommendations are unbiased, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions about non-Britax car seats, too!

#BritaxSafety Car Seat Challenge

Britax will be hosting the #BritaxSafety Car Seat Challenge on Sunday (9/27) morning of the Convention!

We’ve carefully pre-selected four of our dads to compete to see who can install a car seat the fastest and, most importantly, the safest. The winner will earn his choice of a free Britax car seat, as well as another free Britax car seat to give away to a deserving family in his community. YOU will have chances to win car seats, too! Study up on your car seat basics, because Britax isn’t going to make this an easy feat.

And while this will be an extremely fun experience, it is also a very serious one. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, three out of four children are either not securely fastened in their car seats or are in a car seat that is not properly secured to the vehicle. That’s a scary statistic! That means it is likely YOUR car seat is not installed correctly.

Avoid being part of the 75% of caregivers who don’t even know they are misusing their car seats and educate yourselves by:

  1. Speaking with the Britax safety experts at the Convention,
  2. Attending the #BritaxSafety Car Seat Challenge at the Convention,
  3. Following #AHDCon and #BritaxSafety on Twitter throughout the Convention (9/26-9/27), especially during the Challenge at 10:45am EST,
  4. And by joining the Child Passenger Safety conversations this week on Twitter and Facebook by following #TheRightSeat.

WIN a Britax Car Seat for YOU!

#BritaxSafety Car Seat ChallengeDon’t forget to cheer (virtually via social media AND in-person) for all of the dad competitors during the #BritaxSafety Car Seat Challenge (9/27) and not just because healthy competition is fun, but because you could win a Britax car seat! Here’s how all dads can qualify to win:

  1. Go HERE to view the four dad candidates participating in the #BritaxSafety Car Seat Challenge.
  2. Take a moment to vote for the dad you think will have the quickest and safest installation. All candidates are scored by Sarah Tilton.
  3. Vote for your pick.
  4. The dads who voted for the winning dad will be entered into a random drawing for a free Britax car seat!

But wait…there’s more opportunities to win! Keep reading…

Child Passenger Safety Week

This week is Child Passenger Safety Week (Sept. 13-19, 2015) and we’ve partnered with Britax to spread the word about child passenger safety and bring you more opportunities to win car seats.

On Wednesday, September 16th from 2-3pm EST, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is hosting #TheRightSeat Twitter Chat on Twitter at #TheRightSeat. Learn about the dangers of not properly installing car seats as well as tips to making sure your car seats are installed correctly.

On Thursday, September 17th from 2-3pm EST, join us on our The National At-Home Dad Network Facebook page for a LIVE CHAT with Britax to answer your questions about child passenger safety. We encourage you to engage as much as possible in the conversation.  All likes, shares and comments throughout the hour will qualify participants to win a random drawing of a FREE Britax car seat!

On Saturday, September 19th, make time to attend one of the FREE car seat check-up events happening just about everywhere in the U.S. Locate a Car Seat Check-Up Event in your area, here:

Follow #BritaxSafety on Twitter during the Car Seat Challenge to keep track of the competition results!!

If you can’t make it to the Convention, then definitely set your alarm for 10:45am EST so you can follow the event LIVE on Twitter.  For up-to-the-second updates, pictures and video from the event, follow:


The National At-Home Dad Network is grateful for Britax’s 2nd year of support of our Annual At-Home Dads Convention and their commitment to educating fathers and all caregivers on child passenger safety.

For more information on what to expect during this year’s convention, please visit and follow #AHDCon on Twitter!


And, don’t forget to choose who you’re rooting for at!