There is nothing like that feeling of having a child.  There is that feeling that no matter what it would take that you would protect that little person at any cost.

As many new parents find out though, we suddenly realize that when he head to the car to take them home for the first time, we realize we have no idea what we are doing.  Did we install the carseat the right way? What will happen if we didn’t? Are we  going to totally fail as parents? Why didn’t we memorize that carseat manual?  With all the information you read up on to prepare yourself for that child, sometimes things slip through the cracks.

Thankfully for those of you reading this post, you won’t have to go through those questions.  Thanks to Britax and special guest Sarah Tilton, mother and Britax Child Passenger Safety Advocate, the NAHDN will be hosting a Twitter Party discussing #CarSeatSafety. Come and interact with Sarah online, who will also be a featured presenter at our 19th Annual At Home Dad Convention in Denver in September.

WHEN?  The party is happening  Thursday, August 21st at 2pm EST11am PST.

WHO? Follow The National At Home Dad Network @homedadnet and Sarah Tilton @Britax along with the #CarSeatSafety hashtag to participate.

PRIZES: Get all your questions answered about #CarSeatSafety and you could win a brand new car seat from Britax in the process!  See you on Twitter!