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#DadTweets of the Week Vol. 3

by Greg Washington

My son now says hippopotamus or atleast tries to an it’s gotta be the funniest cute thing I’ve ever seen #icare #dadtweets — Cristiano Bonadonna (@Bonadeezy) September 11, 2014   The Boston Dads Group at Spy Pond Park in Arlington. #citydads — Boston Dads Group (@BostonDadsGroup) September 10, 2014 5 changes of socks and […]

#DadTweets of the Week Vol. 2

by Greg Washington

Never thought an 11 day old girl could burst onto the scene & start running sh*t, but that’s exactly what happened. #Dad #dadtweets #baby — Michael Abood (@michaelabood1) August 28, 2014   Parenting “Tips” by Pat: If your printer doesn’t work, your child probably put a battery in the feeder. #dadtweets — Just a […]

#Dadtweets of the week Vol. 1

by Greg Washington

Just had a talk with the kid as he was crying about how he has it better than a lot of kids. He kept crying. 3 month-olds don’t get it #SAHD — Ryan (@MisterDarcy_22) August 22, 2014   4 yr old: if toilet paper runs out, the floor is an acceptable substitute. #dadtweets #gross #ecoli […]

Adventures in Baby-Proofing

by B.K. Mullen

My house officially contains a mobile baby, but I hesitate to use the word “contains”. Since her first day of being able to crawl, Emma has been unstoppable and obvious changes had to be made. However, it took us a week or so before we got our first gate (the story of which you can […]

Behind the Scenes Bafoon

by TwiceTheFun

I think my favorite part of being a Dad is not having to be in any pictures any more. Don’t get me wrong, the kids are great and cute and it is amazing watching them grow every day, but it is such a relief to not have to be in front of that camera anymore. […]

Things that Every SAHD Should Know

by Shannon Carpenter

So far I’ve written posts  about How To Cook, What’s it Like to be a SAHD, and  A SAHD and His Man Bag.  I do this in an effort to educate.  To give my knowledge to those that are going down the same path or that are thinking about it.  Let’s face it, I’m a […]

The Night The Fish Came To Dinner

by Charles Wasleski

Princess: What’s for dinner? Me: Fish. Mommy thawed it out. Princess: I don’t like it! Me: You’ve never had it before. And it doesn’t taste like anything. Princess: *whimper* (stomp stomp stomp) Well, that was encouraging. Dinner time: Baked Tilapia, in a nice Olive oil and Apple juice marinade. Chicken flavored rice with a side […]

What Is It Like To Be A SAHD?

by Shannon Carpenter

I am often asked what it’s like to be a stay at home dad.  Sometimes it’s by the curious who want to know what a man and a couple of minions do all day.  Sometimes its by the shocked who think that there is no such thing as a stay at home dad, only an […]

How To Cook A HotDog

by Shannon Carpenter

Welcome to the world of the Stay At Home Dads or as I like to call it, Thunderdome. When I was a new stay at home dad, I had no idea what I was doing.  I’ll admit it, I can man up and take the blow.  I was ignorant about all things kids.  That’s not […]