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Three Ways Parents Ruin Youth Baseball

by Keith Laskey

  Ten year old baseball.  Thoughts of the “Sandlot” run through your head.  Just a bunch of kids playing ball in an empty lot.  No parents around. This is 2015.  The Sandlot is long gone, it’s a Walgreens now.  Kids rarely play by themselves anymore and certainly not unless they all have their iDevices in […]

Similac Welcomes Dads to the Sisterhood of Motherhood

by Chris Bernholdt

If you’re confused by the title of this blog, you aren’t alone. In advertising there are brands that clearly value dads and see the importance of including them in all things related to parenthood.  Brands like Dove Men + Care, Toyota, and NyQuil have seen the light and have produced such great ads that my […]

Adventures in Baby-Proofing

by B.K. Mullen

My house officially contains a mobile baby, but I hesitate to use the word “contains”. Since her first day of being able to crawl, Emma has been unstoppable and obvious changes had to be made. However, it took us a week or so before we got our first gate (the story of which you can […]

I Am Not a Babysitter

by Shannon Carpenter

“Aww, look at Dad!  I guess Dad is babysitting today!” How many times have you heard that comment?  Sometimes its at the grocery store, sometimes it’s at a play gym.  And sometimes it may be from our own relatives.  It happens and I get it a lot. It makes me cringe and it should make […]

“Mr. Mom” Go To Hell!

by Al Watts
“Mr. Mom” Go To Hell!

I’ve determined that journalists, in general, are stupid. Last time I checked it was 2010. Being an at-home dad is nothing new anymore. In fact it is the fastest growing trend in parenting; dads taking care of the kids while mom works. And almost every news story about at-home dads asks, “So you’re a Mr. […]