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Tour Of Duty

by Charles Wasleski

My Tour of Duty is over. I enlisted at the age of 28. And there were a lot of struggles along the way. Being woken up at odd hours of the day and night.  Not much sleep early on. You take naps when you can.  Sneak in a few minutes here and there. I learned […]

Coming Home

by TwiceTheFun

We drove route 202 N from Pennsylvania to New Jersey like salmon swimming upstream to return to their place of birth.  We had both gone as far as we could from home after finishing high school, attending college in North Carolina and then even moving abroad to work for two years in Japan before finally […]

Being a Conscious Parent

by CosmicDad

There is no surprise that becoming a parent requires no special education.  In fact, there isn’t really any skill required to become a parent (although some wives might argue otherwise).  For some, the role came about by accident; for others, it was intentional; and other still, it was with significant effort and expense.  No matter […]

Behind the Scenes Bafoon

by TwiceTheFun

I think my favorite part of being a Dad is not having to be in any pictures any more. Don’t get me wrong, the kids are great and cute and it is amazing watching them grow every day, but it is such a relief to not have to be in front of that camera anymore. […]

Ghost of Parenting Future

by TwiceTheFun

We danced with the ghost of parenthood future today and she was wild! She was loud, she was rambunctious and she giggled all afternoon long. my wife and I looked into the eyes of the dragon that is our parenting future and took the fury of its screams of fire right in the face. What […]

Please don’t blame bad parenting on your penis

by Chad Welch

This post originally appeared appeared on Chad’s personal blog Go Ask Your Mother.  It is reprinted here with permission.   It is the last week of school. In my normal routine I wake up about 5am, and before I start making lunches I wake up by going through my email and skimming the Facebook. And a couple […]

Mr. Chips Goes To Graduation

by Charles Wasleski

Graduation.  A happy time. The students:  Walk in quietly to the music playing.  Parade around in their good clothes. See their parents and other family members in the audience. Cheering them on. Faces beaming. They are so proud of themselves.   Parents:  We sit and watch as our child, along with many others is passing […]


by Bruce Sallan

Where and when did it seem that everyone felt entitled? Entitled to an education, happiness, college, a home, every new tech toy, and a new car now and then, etc. I know the answer, as it was an evolution and change in attitude that began in the sixties, in my opinion. Some might say it […]

Daddyshome Changes Name

by Al Watts

I am excited to announce that Daddyshome, Inc., the National At-Home Dad Network, is changing its name to the more concise The National At-Home Dad Network. The National At-Home Dad Network supports, educates and advocates for fathers who are the primary caregivers of their children. The latest U.S. Census report found 32% of all married […]

Another Set Back For At Home Parents

by Robb Tavill

While making dinner for my boy/girl twins April 12, 2012, I was listening to Brian Williams as he was doing the Nightly News on NBC.  All of a sudden I hear a story about the presidential campaign that just really chapped my hide. The story was about Hilary Rosen who is a Lobbyist and Democratic Pundit […]