Here, at the National At-Home Dad Network, we vigilantly advocate for involved fatherhood. By doing so, we vocally criticize media and brands who show dads as incompetent parents. We know most dads today are not incompetent or disengaged or poor at parenting. Our members, in particular, are passionate, loving, nurturing and very involved as parents. So are most working dads we know.

With overwhelming evidence of modern dads being great at parenting and buying more of the products brands are selling, the media and brands still hold fast to old stereotypes.

It is disappointing.

There are a few brands, however, who have boldly chosen to portray dads as they are. They have listened to thousands of dads. They have engaged organizations such as ours and Dad 2.0 Summit. They are using their advertising messages to not only sell to these dads but also change society’s views on fatherhood.

It is not an easy road. With millions of dollars at stake, these brands have chosen to break away from stereotypes and show the truth about fatherhood.

One of those brands is Dove Men + Care. Over the last few years, they have consistently celebrated fatherhood. We have been impressed with their passion for involved fatherhood and their willingness to step outside accepted norms to truly celebrate fathers for who they are, not who society thinks they are supposed to be.

Today, Dove Men + Care released it’s latest ad campaign for Father’s Day. It is simple and powerful. It celebrates dads, showing them loving, nurturing, playful and involved in every aspect of parenting.

If you want to know who today’s modern dads are like, watch this 60-second spot. We hope they win an award for it and inspire other brands to offer more content like it.

NOTE: The National At-Home Dad Network had an opportunity to view this commercial a few days before it aired but was not involved in the campaign or consulted directly by Dove Men + Care. Our opinion is our own.