05_Flatbed_2 - AUGUSTWhen big brands make the mistake of counting out dads, dad bloggers have let them know that they are not OK with it.

Playskool’s recent slip up on Twitter asking “Does Dad ever have a day where he is in charge?” is another example of big brands counting out the growing number of dads who are staying at home.

Dads have seen other brands like Huggies make this same mistake. A mistake that was met swiftly by dads who cared about the perceptions of fathers and one that is a shining example of when things don’t seem right, that you should act on it.

Both Huggies and Playskool have apologized and have tried to make amends yet, there is a glaring misrepresentation that some brands like Amazon don’t see parenting as an equal playing field. Amazon still refers to its program as “Amazon Mom” instead of making it all inclusive by calling it “Amazon Family.” Amazon already does this in England so why not the U.S.? (Sign the petition to exact this change here.)

Oren Miller, of  A Blogger and a Father, explains exactly why you should sign this petition.

When the media constantly portrays dads as hapless and bumbling, some dad bloggers have exacted change by challenging big brands to shift their perceptions about dads, thus proving that we are not as clueless as they might lead you to believe. Emma Johnson of The Real Deal sums up this shift in her post entitled No More Mr. Mom. Mr. Mom is dead, now we are just waiting for the big brands to catch on and follow suit.

After posting my dissatisfaction with Playskool’s Tweet, I received an email from Playskool’s PR firm. They asked for my address and promptly send me a written apology letter. Read about it here: Playskool Goes Old Skool.