The best way to get new members for your dads group is to make your group easy to find. We provide the most complete and up-to-date list of dad groups in the U.S. and Canada and our website is among the most visited by at-home dads. Adding your group to our website is fast, easy and affordable (in that it takes less than 2 minutes and costs you nothing!).

To get listed on our website, we ask that your dad group:

  1. Have at least one member.
  2. Provide your contact information including a link to your group’s site on social to a member of the Community Committee of The National At-Home Dad Network by using the above link. You must always include your contact information with an email address so that we can contact you about the status of the group.
  3. Always be open to new members.
  4. Be inclusive of dads of all races, religion, nationality, and sexual orientation.
  5. Establish it’s own website or web presence. This could be on Facebook, Meetup, Google or Yahoo Group etc.
  6. Keep the National At Home Dad Network up to date on your group’s status. Please contact us if your group needs help with promotion, questions about how to make a dad’s group better, or closes down so that we can update the website to keep it accurate.

 To have a successful dad group, The National At-Home Dad Network recommends your group:

  1. Offer weekly playgroups.
  2. Offer monthly Dad’s Night Outs (DNO)
  3. Make your group private and screen new members before adding them to your group. The recommended way is to provide a prospective member information about an upcoming playgroup or dad’s night out and meet him in person at one of them before adding him as a member.
  4. Use a Yahoo or Google group, Meetup group, or Facebook group so that dads can find you and interact with other members online before attending a Meetup or event.
  5. Read the resource information on how to Start a Dads Group, Grow a Dads Group and Maintain a Dads Group and contact contact us if you need help or advice about your group.