Find a Dad Group

Finding a group of local dads is one of the most vital parts of having a successful, enriching, and less stressful time as an at-home dad. The community, support, and camaraderie are all incredibly helpful, and we encourage all at-home dads to reach out to find more at-home dads in their local area.

Below, listed in alphabetic order by state, are the dad groups that The National At-Home Dad Network is currently aware of. The links will take you to their group where you can learn more and get involved. If you find a dad group is missing, or seems to be inactive, please let us know!

*denotes groups that are officially part of City Dads Group, helping fathers across the nation socialize and support one another.

Please note that the National At-Home Dad Network manages this directory because it is important to us that dads find community with one another. However, with the exception of our Official NAHDN Facebook Group, the NAHDN does not run any of these groups — either online or offline — and is not responsible for their administration, moderation, content, or the opinions or action of its participants.

Can’t find a Dad Group in your area?

If you can’t find a group in your area, don’t despair. You can find out how to start one here.

Online Groups

In addition to local Dad Groups around the country, we know that for many dads, online discussion groups are a great place to post questions, ask for advice, or just share the successes and struggles of your day, any time of the day. We encourage you to join the conversation!

The NAHDN on Facebook

Other General or Topic-specific Dad Groups on Facebook

If you have another active online discussion group, please let us know and we will gladly list it here.