Snow gotta love it?  It was just past a full moon last night in the Rocky Mountain winter.  The babies bottle is low, good thing I prepared and stocked up at the grocery last night as I was watching for the snow.

I was going to post about our recent Snowboarding experience but local events dictate my change of thinking so instead, I will ramble on…  Thinking ’bout  what I’m missing in the city but not really in this day and age, and I’m not missin’ a thing because this blizzard is all over the news and Internet.  Watchin’ the full moon crossin’ the range, ya right I was sleeping.  Thanks REO Speedwagon for the verses and now onto some real light content on our snowbound day.

When it snows and the family is home because their school and work facilities are closed, my work facilities are suddenly tripled as I dream for some beach, some where (yeah I know, but this song cracks me up). The foot of accumulation needs to be cleared from the driveway so by tonight it’s not two feet needing cleared, but that can wait till later this morning because we are all home bound.

To my son it’s like an unplanned day to party, woo ho no school!
“Dad can we got to Petsmart and get a Gerbal?”
“Dad, where is my sled?”
“Dad can I take my new K2 snowboard to the park?”
Better put my recreational entertainer hat on.
All this while he’s sick mind you…

The wife needs to connect to work remotely,  so I am supposed to know how to use their token ring to get into their remote secure network, right here, right now.
“And please dear, could you hook up my home monitor up so I can see all my work better with two screens, of course, when you get a chance?”  Better put my geek network hacker hat on.

It’s only a matter of time before I need to bust drifts to get something at the store in this potentially record breaking snow, plus do my ordinary chores.  Better put my HomeDaddy hat on, right Don?

And oh yeah, The Hossman wanted a post by today and I said no problem, that was before this Rocky Mountain Winter Blizzard hit, but no problem Hossman, this is something I enjoy.

Plus I gotta find time today to plan my next DC trip with our state officials because in 6 weeks I have to go speak on family leadership to our government officials in Washington DC on their dime (but really  our, the tax payers dime).  Cool, this conference is at the Westin, only three blocks away from our dad conference hotel, Embassy Suites in Alexandria, I know how to get there already and I don’t need a car!  Sweet, Metro here I come…

This concludes this post so I can get on with our day.   I will leave you with my theme song of the day today and you guessed it, live from McNichols Sports Arena 1981.  Since YouTube will not embed here, here is the link.