Dear Mom, It’s almost Mother’s Day again

I remember when you died Mom, it was ten years ago next month. It is easy to remember. You died in 2000 on Mother’s Day. So, with great fanfare I am reminded every year as the entire world sends cards, flowers, candy and whatever to their mother celebrating, what seems to me to be, your death.

Still, in spite of everything I do that makes me a great dad, and in spite of all the great support I have had from my stay at home dad friends, I find myself with an affinity for Mother’s Day.

For some reason I just relate more to Mother’s day than I do to Father’s day. Last year as I was watching my Facebook page and everyone was wishing everyone else a Happy Mother’s Day. I was kind of tickled, after all I was everyone too. My darling girlfriend, sensing my distress, invited me to go to Mother’s Day Brunch. I noted that everyone was complaining about the crowds on Mother’s Day and commenting it was a very bad day to go out to lunch.

I, of course, knew exactly what their problem was, they were going to the wrong places. I quickly announced we were going to Barley’s Brewhaus a little local restaurant that has 33 beers on tap and another 100 in bottles. I know you would have preferred this to most places other people were taking their mother that day. For one, you despised buffets. Most places on Sunday were advertising their fabulous buffet. You just liked to be served. If you were going to forgo making Sunday brunch to allow someone else to do it you wanted to be served. Second you enjoyed drinking with your kids. Mind, you would have preferred a mimosa or a Bloody Mary with your Sunday Brunch, you were also very mindful of what your children wanted to drink and knew that I drank “weird beer” as you put it. Since Barley’s not only served “weird beer” but also made mean mimosas and Bloody Marys it was the perfect place to have brunch.

Even better, there was no waiting. I never actually ate brunch with you at Barley’s but I ate brunch with you 100s of times in similar places and I am very sure that less we took it upon ourselves to eat somewhere extra special it would have been an ideal location. But isn’t Mother’s day “Extra Special.” Well, yes it is, but also the ideal time to help out a business that was in need of more customers on a day when the extra special places were not. We could save a visit to the extra special places on a different extra special day, like the anniversary of Nelson Mandella being released from prison or the first Sunday after I published my first game, or to celebrate her promotion, all days I had brunch with you at extra special places.

You were never short of a reason to celebrate. In fact you took special care to see that even when I was not paying attention to reasons to celebrate you would come up with one for me. On Mother’s Day it was much more likely we would be in a place like Barley’s, and there was no waiting.

As I sat there drinking my favorite Trappist ale and discussing the issues of the day it occurred to me it was not unlike any of a number of Mother’s Days I had spent with my Mother. Darn I almost made it through the entire note without crying.

Love Mike