As we approach the start of our 20th Annual At-Home Dads Convention in just over 3 weeks, we’d like to shine a spotlight on some of the unique content, events, and partnerships you can expect to see this year in Raleigh.

Family eating dinner together

Family eating dinner together

If you hadn’t heard, September is National Family Meals Month. We all know that family dinners are important…but did you know that they’ve been proven to increase overall health and wellness in families and individuals by lowering things like obesity and substance abuse rates, while improving connections between family members? The benefits of family dinners are wide-reaching and undeniable.

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce one of this year’s sponsors: DinnerCall. DinnerCall is sponsoring our Saturday night dinner and is the force behind a new social movement called the Billion Family Dinners Challenge, which is challenging families across the nation to log and share one billion family dinners. To participate, meals can be logged through the DinnerCall app and shared through social media to bring more awareness to the importance of shared meals.

The best part of the movement: Dinner doesn’t have to be perfect. Really, are they ever? Most of us may not have time for a four-course gourmet meal, but that doesn’t matter as long as you’re spending time TOGETHER over food and being fully present with one another (i.e. not distracted by the television, phones or tablets!).

Gerry Hays, co-founder of The Billion Family Dinners Challenge and CEO of DinnerCall was quick to dispel the notion of a “perfect family dinner:” “A family dinner happens whenever we take time to be present with our families, neighbors, and friends over a shared meal and we want to encourage everyone to have more of these magical experiences. Leftovers on the living room floor or cereal on the porch creates the same connection as an elaborate feast. No matter the meal, we’re looking for people to reconnect and become advocates for a movement that can change our society at large. If each of us has just a few more family dinners each week, we’ll meet The Billion Family Dinners Challenge and undoubtedly see positive outcomes.”

He also broke down the goal of one billion family dinners in a surprising way: if each American family logs just 10 dinners, the Billion Family Dinners Challenge would be met! Just think about it – we all eat dinner every night. Ten dinners together as a family is something we can all do!

It’s time we all take note of the power of family dinners and see what just one more family meal per week can do for our homes. 

Gerry will be at the Convention all weekend to talk more about DinnerCall, the positive impact that family dinners can have on society, and anything else dad / dinner related.

To participate in The Billion Family Dinners Challenge, download the free DinnerCall app to track your family dinners and share your experiences with the hashtag #BillionDinners. With the DinnerCall app, you can upload images from family dinner to instantly share on social media, track other family dinners in progress and enjoy helpful conversation starters. The DinnerCall app is available for iOS and Android devices this week and you can follow the movement on DinnerCall’s Twitter and Facebook.


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