How can you stay in shape as a stay at home parent?  It feels like I hardly have any time to go to the gym anymore

Since I started staying home I’ve had to ditch my usual work out routine at the local gym. No more treadmill, or weight training or anything like that. So I decided to find simple things around the house that would keep me active throughout the day. Surprisingly, it’s all quite simple stuff that’s easy to do, and with each of them you don’t need to dedicate a solid hour or two (which you won’t have if the little one refuses to nap).

You’ll notice also that these are, what I like to call, “The Evil Four” since they are actually the main four exercises all of our gym teachers made us do throughout grade school and hated every second of it. Nowadays though, I realize that Mr. Smith was actually right about each of them (but don’t tell him that).

  •  Push-ups: Probably the easiest to do without having to change up your daily routine. They can be done anywhere and any time, and it works your arms, back, and chest all at the same time. The beauty of doin’ push-ups around the house is that you won’t feel that pang of disappointment if you can only do a couple, and as you do it more often, you’ll be able to do more….which feels awesome! Booyahh I started off being able to do five before collapsing, but since I’ve been keeping up with it I can now to 15-20!
  • Run Papa Run: I know, it doesn’t sound that great to most people. I grew up with a Dad who’s only reason to run was if something was chasing him, so for a long time that was my opinion of it. But finding a good park to go for a run with your little on in stroller is a nice way to get outside during the day. If you’re lucky like me, you live on a steep hill, whereby I recommend walking instead of running. But hey, if you’re feeling intense, go for it!
  • Pull-ups: This requires a little bit of gear, for example the door jam pull-up bar that is produced by a number of companies. Ours spent a bit of time in a closet due to the only downside of these products: the weight limit. The day I bought it I had put it together and completely set it up before I saw the unfortunate sticker that says “Weight limit: 220lbs” My first thought of course was “dude if I was less that 220lbs why would I have bought you in the first place?” Lucky for them my goal is considerably less, but at the time I was pushin’ 240lbs. Now that I’ve been running/walking for a while and other workouts, i’m finally able to have it set up and it feels great.  *Side note: just like push-ups, the more often you do it, the more you’ll be able to do!*
  • Sit-ups: They suck, I won’t lie to you. But once again, the more you try to do, the more you’ll be able to do. And when you compare how many you’re able to do on the first day v.s. day 30, you’ll get the biggest smile on your face.

They’re simple, easy, and as long as you keep pushing yourself it will pay off considerably. More importantly, you will be doing this for yourself and your children to ensure that you are around to take care of them.

Care to share your suggestions? Throw it in on the comments!!!


-B.K. Mullen