What does Father’s Day mean to you? A new tie? A day off? This year it meant a new pair of bedroom slippers to me—but not just any old bedroom slippers, ARMADILLO bedroom slippers.

It goes back several years. I was asked in high school to pick out a totem animal. While everyone else was picking the eagle, the tiger, the horse and the wolf, I chose the armadillo. Solitary by nature, these skittish little animals ball up in a ball when threatened, but only when a threat comes along that they think is too big for them to handle. If they think they can take you, an armadillo has these wolverine like digging claws. Combine that with the fact that an armadillo can launch itself seven feet vertical, and you have a high jumping Cuisinart.

There is also a running gag that my wife started years ago when she bought me these fuzzy bunny slippers that I’ve been wearing for years and have finally just worn out. She was going to buy me a new pair of rabbits, but when she found out that they had the option of armadillo shoes, the decision was made.

But all things considered, it really was the thought that counted. From the moment I opened the gift, I knew a lot of love had gone into it. It wasn’t an expensive gift, but it was a gift that was well thought out. Time had been spent on this one.

I’m all for Best Buy gift cards. I love gift certificates to Olive Garden, but gifts like that, at the end of the day, pretty much just fall flat. I mean, I use them. Sometimes I get neat stuff with them, but I would rather have a cheap gift that you THOUGHT about–that you put some work into–than a catch-all expensive gift.

Because that’s why you give gifts in the first place, right? They are an expression of love.

Put some thought into it!