Finding support for our annual HomeDadCon can sometimes be difficult. In many cases, when I tell people that I am on a Board of Directors for a non-profit for stay at home dads called “The National At Home Dad Network”, they aren’t sure if they should laugh or take me seriously. I recently had one person ask if I was joking when I mentioned that we organize an annual convention just for stay at home dads. “Is that really a thing? I’ve never heard of that until now.”

Who does take us seriously? The sponsors of HomeDadCon. Brands invest in a partnership with the National At-Home Dad Network in order to make our annual at-home dads convention possible understand that dads are an important part of the conversation when it comes to choices centered around what is best for their families. We are proud this year to be partnering with P&G and Albertsons Companies, among others, and appreciate their support of our convention and our organization.

Recently, Board President Chris Routly, got to talk with Ellie Dexheimer, Albertsons National Sales Manager GMHBC about Albertsons Companies and their role in helping dads become a bigger part of the picture as consumers.

A Q&A with Ellie Dexheimer, Albertsons National Sales Manager GMHBC

Q:  A big thank you to the Albertsons Companies for their sponsorship of HomeDadCon.  Why did Albertsons decide to support HomeDadCon this year?

A:  Our goal at Albertsons Companies is to be the favorite local supermarketTM in every neighborhood we serve. Over the years a growing number of fathers have become the primary shopper and meal preparer in the family. We celebrate the importance of stay-at-home dads and want to make sure we give dad the all he needs to provide delicious and healthy meals for his family.

Q: There’s been something of an explosion in the number of at-home dads recently, most of whom take on the majority of the grocery purchasing in their home. And, in homes where the man is not in a primary caregiver role, men are taking on or sharing those responsibilities in larger and larger numbers as well. Additionally, in homes with single men or men with gay partners, it’s men doing the shopping, by default. Has ABS seen a change in number of males doing the majority of the grocery shopping in-store?

A: Absolutely! It is important to note that not only are their more men shopping for their families but they are also looking for healthier choices. We have seen an increase in demand across all demographics for natural, organic and local products and we are happy to offer these items at an affordable price.

Q: How has the increase in the number of male shoppers impacted the way that Albertsons communicates with its shoppers from diversity of products to promotions?

A:  Our vendor partners provide more male-oriented products, as well as programs that are geared to both male and female shoppers. Some examples are P&G’s Dad Days of Summer, Simplify Your Routine and the upcoming October Health and Beauty Care Be Fantastic. This program celebrates males and females coming together as FANS, it’s not a man thing or a woman thing, it’s a FAN thing.

Another new addition to most of our stores is our Baby Club with our newest member “Ellie the Elephant.” We are focusing the diversity of our shoppers by naming this the “baby club” as we know that both mom and dad shop in this aisle. The Baby Club offers a $5.00 savings on any baby product after spending $40 or more which allows dads and moms to have an additional cost savings on top of any manufacturer coupons.

Q:  What would be the one message that Albertsons would like DADS to hear?

A: From coast-to-coast we want to be your first choice when it comes to healthy meal solutions for your family. We also offer our busy customers the option for home delivery in many of our markets. So, if you can’t get out of the house to make it to the store, don’t worry, we have you covered. We also welcome feedback and comments that can help us make the shopping experience more delightful for all our customers.

Q:  Can you share any events that Albertsons has coming up this year that would be of interest to our HomeDadCon network?

A:  Albertsons Companies has fun promotions coming up for the holidays, Super Bowl, New Year, New You and of course our now famous Monopoly® Collect and Win game. In addition, you will find many local promotions from our family of banners so we encourage the HomeDadCon network to download the apps of their local Albertsons Company supermarket and check out what’s happening at a store near you.

A huge thanks to Ellie and to Albertsons for their support for HomeDadCon! There are still tickets left, so be sure to make your plans to attend, September 14th-16th, 2017, in Portland, Oregon! Find out more at