We danced with the ghost of parenthood future today and she was wild! She was loud, she was rambunctious and she giggled all afternoon long. my wife and I looked into the eyes of the dragon that is our parenting future and took the fury of its screams of fire right in the face. What did we do today? We spent time with a friend from her Mom’s of Multiples club who has not one set of twins, but TWO! Oh ya! That wasn’t a typo, four kids under five. It was wild pandemonium at its best. Our twins didn’t know where to crawl next with two boys and two girls running to and fro all afternoon long. The giggling and smiling was non-stop, I have no idea how their parents keep up, but it was all second-nature to them and they were great at it. Like watching Michael Jordan dunk a basketball. (Did I just date myself?)

For the last few weeks or so all of my tricks to keep the kids contained to one area have been foiled. Pillows piled high, exersaucers strategically placed with crates and bookshelves. Each one laughed at and left behind like William Wallace conquering another British outpost. But these guys have got it all figured out, either from pure brilliance or through the bumps, bruises and broken lamps of trial and error.

I have never before seen a house so totally and completely baby-proofed. Everything less than five feet high was locked down, bolted shut or cleaned off. The screen on the front door had a latch, of course. Then there was another latch about sixty inches high, then if that were to fail by the overwhelming force of four motivated children there was an alarm as a final fail-safe measure to signal DEFCON One and alert the National Guard.

These four running, smiling munchkins were completely wonderful, friendly and delightful kids and that brings me to their parents. First, you must know that each of these kids have their own special needs, from repeated heart surgeries to the autism spectrum. I’m pretty sure that a few have frequent-customer cards at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia – but you would never know it from the roll with the punches attitude of their parents. You wouldn’t even think these kids have even had as much of a sniffle in their lives from the positive and upbeat nature of their parents. I would have thought that after twenty minutes visiting that we would be politely explaining how Ethan has an early bedtime today and making something up about Ruthie’s contagious diarrhea to get out of there. But visiting them was a fantastic example of the laid back, happy family I hope we have.

Oh ya, we met the ghost of parenthood future, we saw what three-year old twins are like and we tickled them down to the ground. Then we met with the 4 ½ year old twins and bested those fire-breathing slimy handed dragons, tossed them around the room and finished them off like their sisters.