Hello, Brothers. 

Every year we know that many of you look forward to HomeDadCon (HDC) in the Fall. It is truly the one time of year where we get to gather as a Brotherhood in Fatherhood and share in the community that is being at-home dads. 

It is in that spirit of community, and for the health and safety of you and your family, that the Board of Directors has decided to officially postpone HDC2020 in Cincinnati until 2021. Given the prevalence of Covid-19 across the country and the inability to hold a large gathering in October in Cincinnati, we felt it important not to endanger you and your loved ones.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to the managers of the Embassy Suites RiverCenter for making this possible. We are working with them to reschedule within the 2021 calendar year. We are also happy to report that this change will not impact the financial stability of the organization.

So, YES, we WILL be going to Cincinnati! We WILL still celebrate 25 years of the at-home dad community coming together and realizing just how important and special we are as caregivers!

So that begs the question: “What about 2020?” We’re glad you asked! Over the last several months, the planning committee has been working on a “NonCon”,  in case the decision about HDC had to be made. It is being planned as a one-day virtual event, much in the spirit of both HDC and our social hours. They are still working out the details, so we don’t have anything to share as of yet, but we are excited about some of the speakers we are lining up, and hope to share them with you soon. So keep your eyes peeled for further updates.

Also, the nominating period for our Brian Dickson Memorial Scholarship has ended, and we will be applying scholarships to those who wish to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime, virtual opportunity for us.

In the meantime, stay home and be safe!

Jonathan Heisey-Grove
President, The National At-Home Dad Network