What if you could help lift a family out of poverty just by donating the few diaper packs you have left over after your child grows out of them?

It really is possible. And that easy.

That is why Huggies® is back again for the FOURTH CONSECUTIVE YEAR as a presenting sponsor of the 20th Annual At-Home Dads Convention.

According to the National Diaper Bank Network, babies without disposable diapers cannot participate in early childhood education programs and children who participate in these programs are THREE TIMES MORE LIKELY to go on to higher education. Many times the inability to bring children to early childhood programs or daycare effects the parents’ ability to go to work and provide for the family. So, you can see the positive impact donating diapers can have.

It’s not just families in deep poverty either. The National Diaper Bank Network reports that one in three families (that’s 33%!) struggle to afford enough diapers for their babies. On average, a child needs six to ten diapers a day costing a family $70-80 per month. Some families can afford only half, so they will reuse or turn diapers inside out. And reused diapers cannot be sent with a child to an early childhood education program.

Shockingly, food stamps do not cover diapers. Through companies like Huggies and caring parents like you, diapers are donated to Diaper Banks across America and distributed to families. Huggies, the founding sponsor of the National Diaper Bank Network, has made a huge commitment to help solve this problem of #DiaperNeed by donating more than 160 million diapers throughout the last five years via its Every Little Bottom program.

Both Huggies and the National At-Home Dad Network are passionate about helping families who are less fortunate, which is why we have partnered for four years to bring awareness to this critical issue and do something about it.

For every use of #DiaperNeed on Twitter from the Monday following the Convention through October 4, Huggies will donate ONE DAY’S WORTH of diapers to the National Diaper Bank Network.

Sunday, September 27, we will kick-off Diaper Need Awareness Week at the end of our Convention in a hands-on way. After our closing keynote presentation, the Diaper Bank of North Carolina will roll in with a truckload of diapers for us to sort and package up for distribution throughout Raleigh. We can use as many diapers as possible, so please consider bringing diapers to the Convention to donate.

Then, on Friday, October 2 we’ll have a huge opportunity to increase the amount of diapers donated by Huggies by joining a Twitter chat at #DiaperNeed with Huggies to talk more about how serious this problem is and what more we can do about it.

We are so very grateful for Huggies’s continued support of stay-at-home dads and their shared vision with us to help families in need.

For more information on what to expect during this year’s convention, please visit www.AHDCon.com and follow #AHDCon on Twitter!