The life of an At Home Dad can be as interesting as you make it once school starts for the kids

As you know, it can be rather isolating till you get to that monumental point in your kids life and I won’t go there because you, my esteemed reader, know all too well about the isolation factors.

What I am going to talk about is getting involved in your kids new life once they reach schoolage.

There are things you can be involved in that keep you involved in the kids life, gives you a status, a name, and purpose and they look good on your Resumé if you are into that kind of thing; after all you have to account for your time at home and doing something keeps you from having mind meltdown and eating Bon Bons while watching Ultimate World Cage Match Extreme on KRAP TV.

I am going to give you a rundown of my activities during the school year.

Room Dad – once a week I volunteer in my son’s 2nd grade classroom, the Room Dad tag I use means I help out whatever the teacher needs done from administrative duty, to doing folders, to helping a group of kids with reading, writing or math.  I get to know other teachers and school staff and have been to the Principals Office for doing other good thing, see All Pro Dad below.  This way I know who is a troublemaker is school, or if my son is one of them.

Cub Scouts -I am also a Den Leader in my son’s Wolf Pack.  The Cub Scout Program can be extremely rewarding for the boys in the program and their adult leaders.  A part of the inherent strength of the Cub Scout program is its organization.  At its most basic, Cub Scouting consists of:

  1. A Boy – The Individual boy is the basic building lock for Cub Scouting and is its most important element.  It is only when each boys character, citizenship, and fitness are enhanced that the program is successful.
  2. A Den – Each boy belongs to a den of similarly aged boys.  The den is the  boy’s Cub Scout Family where he learns cooperation and team building, a place where he finds support and encouragement.
  3. A Leader – Adult Leadership is critical to achieving the purposes ans aims of Scouting.  By example, organized presentations, and one on one coaching, the boy learns the value and importance of adult interaction.
  4. A Pack – Each den is part of a larger group of boys of different ages and experience levels in Cub Scouting.  The Pack provides the resources for enhanced activities, opportunities for leadership, and a platform for recognition.

While there are other parts of the Cub Scout organization (districts, councils, etc.) which are important administratively and to support adult leaders, they are more or less transparent to the boys in Cub Scouting.

All Pro Dad – The All Pro Dad Breakfast,,
is a monthly breakfast meeting of profound impact.  Dads and kids will meet, share breakfast, watch a video and have a discussion within the school atmosphere where a Dad is all to often not present because of work obligations.  I initiated this process and was in the Principal’s Office more than when I was in school!  I will be giving a Breakout Session at the upcoming AtHomeDad Convention on my All Pro Dad experiences.

I am not going to say you need to do all these things, heck any of these things because there to do like be on the PTA at school coaching kids athletics, even going back to work if you are so inclined.  But for me, being an At Home Dad did not end when the kid(s) started school, I am still there for my son, I just had a chance to prioritize my life, yet again, after listening to Hogan Hilling at the ’09 conference talk about being a career house husband.  I decided then to become involved, and I am glad I did, thanks Hogan!

I still do the household chores but get out and about and try to make a difference in kids lives.