Left to right: Trevor Mulligan, Brent, Mickey Wong, and Johnny Chung

What is the name of your dad’s group?
LA Dads Group

What cities or area do you serve?
LA area (We would welcome anyone from Orange county, Long Beach or any of the surrounding areas to join)

How many active members do you have?
198 and growing steadily

How long have you been a group?
8 months

Who are the organizers of your group?

Lance Somerfeld, Matt Schneider, Johnny Chung, Zach Rosenberg and myself (Trevor Mulligan)

What was your most successful event?
Disneyland (Free Admission for 3 DADS / Kids Under 3.5yrs Free).

We have also had some extremely fun sponsored events such as a Dads night out: Game Truck Party “settling the score with BATTROBORG – it was a good time. 

Do you offer playgroup meet ups? How many times a week do you have playgroup?
We try to do it once a week, still fine tuning the schedules. We have a large range of ages in our group, and a combination of stay at home dads and working dads, it can take some time to find the right combination of time and location.

How did you get the word out about your group to your community?
A mixture of way: word of mouth, Internet (various sites including and Red Tricycle) and social media

Do you offer Dad’s Night Out Events?  Where do you go?
We have done a few; we are working on doing them more often! Restaurants and bars are where we mainly meet so far, but other activates in the works: comedy clubs, go-cart racing, paint ball and touring some museums.

What is the age range of the children in your group?
We have a large range from newborn to teens.  As I mentioned previously, it does take more time to find activities that we can include all age groups, but we try to do a variety of activities to include as many as possible.  Along with breaking it up into groups – babies, toddlers etc.

Do you meet in a common place in your community or at members’ homes?
There has been talk of this, but it has not happened yet.  LA is very spread out, so most of the time it is easier to work on finding a place in the middle, so everyone can limit the commute

What advice would you give dads who want to start their own group?
My only advice would be to be patient.  At one point, I was doing a meet up once a week at a local park and didn’t have anyone showing up.  It can be tricky, since I am a stay at home dad, I have been scheduling things in the afternoons during the week.  It limits the amount of dads that can participate in those events.

What is special or unique about your group that sets you apart from other dad’s groups?
LA is full of diverse people from all walks of life, so it’s great to have that variety of culture.  We are also lucky enough to have some amazing bloggers in our area (such as our own co-organizer Zach Rosenberg).  The coolest thing, we have Disneyland!  We are lucky enough to have Johnny Chung offer to take a group of us once a month.  Johnny’s wife works there, so they get a set of free passes.  They are extremely generous to offer them to our group.  Needless to say, those monthly meet ups normally fill up quickly!




You can find more information on the LA Dads Group on their Meetup Page or find them on Facebook and Twitter as well as following all the #CityDads Groups.