Life-altering, that’s what the At-Home Dads Convention is.

Very few moments in our lives are truly life-altering. The first day you drove a car by yourself, the first time you met your wife, the first time your daughter grasped your pinky finger in her tiny hand. These are life-altering events from which you will never forget and from which your life turned in a new and different direction.

The 16th Annual At-Home Dads Convention is going to be one for you too.

So many at-home dads who have managed to drum up enough courage to attend one of the last 15 conventions can attest to the fact that meeting other at-home dads like them and learning from their experiences is something that changed the course of their lives. They became more comfortable with their role as an at-home parent, more confident in their ability to successfully father their children and manage the household and came away with a long list of new life-long friends.

I have attended the last 5 conventions and have learned everything from how to give more effective time-outs to how to fix my daughters’ hair. I have met some amazing dads that I talk to, email with and Facebook regularly. I have become a better and happier father.

If you come to DC on October 8, 2011, this can happen for you. It can change your life and put it on a different course.


This year, the convention will feature the return of Dr. Aaron Rochlen, Associate Professor in Counseling Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Rochlen has published 2 extensive studies on at-home fathers but this year will present his first study of the WIVES of stay at-home dads. After his presentation, he will discuss how you may be able to use this information to improve your relationship.

The most popular sessions each year are the Age-Based Open Forum Discussions, which we will have again this year. It’s an opportunity to chat openly with dads of children the same age as yours about issues you are having, hopefully finding some great solutions from the other dads. Other sessions already planned include “At-Home Work-Outs for At-Home Dads,” “Making Dad Blogs Great,” “Growing Your At-Home Dad Group,” “Being a Good Sports Parent,” and “Starting a Safe Routes to School Program.”

Directly before and after the convention there will be lots of opportunities to meet and network with all the at-home dads traveling in from all over the country. Friday night will be the FREE Meet & Greet Social where guys coming to the convention the next day will get together and meet over free beer and snacks. Then, after the convention on Saturday, there will be a dinner at Joe Theismann’s Restaurant for only $30 featuring an exceptional 3-course meal and more time to chat and laugh with your new best friends!

Probably the best part of all is that we are able to offer registration for only $60 until August 22! We have great speakers and sessions hosted at a professional training facility in one of the largest, most fascinating cities in the world. And it only takes $60 to attend!

For more details, or to register, please visit

I look forward to meeting you, sharing our common experiences as at-home dads and having a lot of fun!