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Hey folks! B.K. Mullen here with a new weekly update for your reading and especially LISTENING pleasure! I am a Podcaster, and as such, I love listening to Pods as well. Over the past few years I have found some great shows that span an incredible reach of topics. Each week I’ll be highlighting brand new episodes from our favorite Podcasts in the Dad Podcast and the general Podcasting community. Think of this post as a sort of “Barnum and Bailey’s collection” style of great Podcasts of the world. Hope you enjoy!



For our first installment we start of strong with our good friend from the Great White North, Chris Read! The creator, editor, and heat writer of the Canadian Dad Blog brings us Episode 5 of his new show: The Canadian Dad Podcast! This week he interviews friend Mike Reynolds, author of the children’s books “Daddy, Fly” and “The One Green Dinosaur”. Listen to Episode 5 now!



downloadCo-Founder of the Philly Dad’s Group and creator, editor, author, of Out With The Kids Blog chimes in this week with Episode 1 of the all new OWTK Radio Show! A podcasting pro via the OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly, Jeff Bogle presents us with stories right from the pages of his site. Each story is blended with a song hand picked to compliment and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it. Listen to Episode 1 now!




If anybody needs a little guidance (and a little laughter) this may be what you’re look for. In this weekly installment, Dad-Bloggers Ben Mullen and Nick Browne discuss their “adventures” in being parents as well as interview fellow individuals in the Dad Podcasting/Blogging community. The Poppin’ Bottles Dad-Cast comes back for another week with Episode 42. Fall is more than officially upon us, and there are some things Nick still hasn’t gotten used to. Also, the guys talk Football! Listen now!



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Nerds and Mythbuster fans unite! Adam Savage of the Mythbusters shares an awesome Podcast/Videocast with fellow Movie/TV prop makers from the Web Series called “Tested”. They talk about all things in the Prop and Movie world as well as delving into other subjects like books and the boys’ love of cooking! Listen to the latest episode HERE!




Thanks so much for checking in and we hope to see you in the coming weeks as I continue this endeavor of keeping you up to date on the great Podcasts that grace our interwebs!