Welcome back to another exciting week in Podcasting! We’re excited to bring you another roundup of awesome episodes from around the web. Always remember that each of these shows can be Subscribed to on iTunes, and if you have any suggestions, send them in to dadonthemic@yahoo.com! Hope you enjoy!



The OWTK Radio Show returns with Episode 4! Jeff Bogle gives us not only 2 stories right from the pages of OWTK.com but also an original poem, and an excerpt called “Only I Can Talk About Me”, an original story featured in the new book “Clash Of Couples“. Listen to the new episode HERE!




45799ladies nightIt’s the return of the Ladies Night Podcast! After a short hiatus the fella’s return for their 1 Year Podcasting anniversary. The guys decided not to be lazy anymore and start posting more episodes! Check out Episode 25 HERE! ***Explicit Content***







Once again our favorite Dad from the Great White North graces our list. Chris Read of the Canadian Dad Podcast bring in psychotherapist and relationship expert, Kelly Flannigan Bos. Among other topics they discuss the ideas of conscious uncoupling, and marital stress. Check out Episode 7 of the Canadian Dad Podcast HERE!





Fancy a little Bearded goodness from across the pond? Check out Beardy Dads, who just pumped out Episode 28! In this Ep they discuss sleeping, or perhaps, the lack of which. Listen to the Beardy Dads Episode 28 HERE!





Hope you folks enjoy and tune in next week for another Listen Up!