Lunch on Saturday of the 19th Annual At-Home Dads Convention is going to be wild!

national-geographic-kids-animal-jamAnimal Jam, an online virtual playground for children who love animals and the outdoors, will provide lunch on Saturday for all the attendees and give a short presentation of the game that is the result of an ongoing creative collaboration between Smart Bomb Interactive and National Geographic Society.

Animal Jam introduces kids to the fundamentals of socialization, teamwork, creativity and global awareness. It also educates kids on their role in conserving the environment.

And, since animals like to eat, it makes sense that the folks at Animal Jam feed some hungry animals… er, dads.

We are excited to bring this first-time sponsor to the Convention and they are looking forward to sharing their project with dads who are home playing with their children.


For more information on what else to expect during this year’s convention to be held Sept. 19-20 in Denver, CO, and to register, please visit