Welcome to “Meet a Dad,” an ongoing feature here at the National At-Home Dad Network, where you can learn about some of our at-home dad members. Interview conducted by Darrell Humphrey.

Let me introduce to you Tony Hernandez:

tony-square-meet-a-dadHow many kids do you have and what are their ages?

One son at age 7. We are older parents. Our son was born when most other parents our age were sending their kids off to college.

What does your spouse/partner do?

My wife is a medical malpractice defense attorney. She also represents counties, Law Enforcement, and our state in civil lawsuits dealing with civil right litigation.

How did you become an At-Home Dad?

We decided prior to our son’s birth that I would be his primary care giver.

What is your best memory of your father?

There are a couple of times which stand out in my memory. First, spending time with him out in the woods hunting, trying not to freeze my butt off. Then, when my dad came back from overseas duty (career in the NAVY).

What was the best advice someone gave you to be a better father?

A number of friends have given us wise advice. One of the best was to begin taking our son out in public as soon as he was born in order to get him used to normal sights and sounds. I think that helped us relax and not be as worried about taking him out in public.

Tony HernanadezHow do others view you as being an At-home dad?

Most of our friends are fine with my role. A few keep asking, “When are you going back to work?”

What has been the biggest challenge(s) for you as an at-home dad?

There are a number of challenges I have faced since I became a At-Home Dad. Keeping motivated to do more of the mundane tasks around the house is one. The biggest challenge has been dealing with a prolonged period of depression due to a chronic health condition.

What was your best moment as a father? What was your scariest?

The best moment so far was the first time I held my son in my arms. The scariest times have been when my son has been sick.

Are there any “Dads Groups” in your area that you participate in? If not, what do you do to connect with other parents?

There are no organized Dad groups that I have been able to find in my area. I tried to get involved with the Wilmington, NC parents group, but they seem to never have anything planned. I connect mostly with other At-Home Dads through social media.

To find out more about Tony, you can connect with him through his social media platforms here: