I’ve determined that journalists, in general, are stupid.

Last time I checked it was 2010. Being an at-home dad is nothing new anymore. In fact it is the fastest growing trend in parenting; dads taking care of the kids while mom works.

And almost every news story about at-home dads asks, “So you’re a Mr. Mom?” or uses “Mr. Mom” in the title of the story or shows a “hilarious” clip of Michael Keaton in the 1983 movie, “Mr. Mom.”

Yeah, 1983… 27 freakin’ years ago!

Now, if I were to refer to an administrative assistant as a “Working Girl,” referencing the movie of that name staring Melanie Griffith and Harrison Ford from 1988, I’d get slapped in the face.

I want to slap these reporters in the face!

C’mon! Have you not got yourselves into the 21st century? Do you not realize how offensive it is to call at-home dads “Mr. Mom?” At-home dads who, by the way, CHOOSE to be at home with their kids rather than let strangers at daycare take care of them. At-home dads who are not bumbling buffoons with their kids like Keaton’s character is for most of the movie, but in fact extremely competent and involved fathers.  At-home dads who are nothing like the image this movie conjures up in the minds of all that hear it.

For decades, fathers have been presumed to be only good at making money and giving the Beave boxing lessons when he gets beat up at school. But dads have evolved from that in a huge way much the same as moms have evolved. Dads are no longer just good for their paycheck or boxing lessons any more than moms are just good for baking apple pie or changing diapers.

Somehow these journalists can’t see that. All they see is a cute reference to an OLD popular movie. Apparently they don’t see the damage that image does to at-home dads or, more importantly, how completely inaccurate that image is of at-home dads of today.

That’s why I say it’s time to abolish “Mr. Mom” as a term for at-home dads. I say it’s time for this movie and it’s inferences of incompetent fathering to go straight to the fires of hell!

Begone you wicked “Mr. Mom!”

It’s inaccurate and offensive to at-home dads. It suggests that at-home dads are doing “mom’s work.” It suggests that if at-home dads don’t raise the children the way mom would do it then they are doing it wrong. It suggests that at-home dads are temporary replacements for mom.

We are not a replacement for mom. We are dads. We are at home. We are raising our children well and we love it.